Seed Suppliers

DLF Pickseed Canada Ltd

Pickseed buys, bags and cleans rough seed. Seed production contracts are available. They also retail most types of forage seeds.


BrettYoung is involved in seed production contracts, seed processing, seed purchasing and retailing of forage, turf and canola.

Dynamic Seeds Ltd

Dynamic Seeds  is involved in the buying, processing and selling of forage, turf, and native grasses.

Sams Seed Supply - TEST

This page is for testing the tool for function behind the scenes as we add new features. It is purely fictional.

South Peace Grain

South Peace Grain is a retailer of forage seed and a cleaner and retailer of cereal seeds including rye. They provide custom forage seed blend formulations and blending and bagging on site.

Foster's Seed & Feed

Foster's buys, cleans and bags rough seed. They are also involved with production contracts and retailing of most forage seeds.

Moore Seed Processors

Moore Seed Processors buys, cleans and bags rough seed. Seed production contracts are available for most forage seed crops. They also retail seed.

Fort St John Seed Cleaning Co-op

Providing Professional seed service, to diverse industries in Western Canada. We have been serving the seed community since 1978.The Co-op is locally owned & operated.

Golden Acre Seeds

Golden Acres Seeds offers a forage seed cleaning and marketing service.