South Peace Haymaker Blend

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Seeding purpose(s): 
Forage enhancement
Species or variants: 
Smooth Bromegrass
Composition details: 

40 % Alfalfa (Certified #1 of a 3 way variety blend)

30 % Smooth Bromegrass (Certified #1 Carlton blend)

20 % Orchardgrass

10 % Timothy (Certified #1 Climax or Alma)

Grade of mixture: 
Grade #1
Price date: 
Monday, December 8, 2014
If the Price Date is more than 2 weeks old, we recommend you call to confirm.

Suggested seeding rate: 12 lb/ac

Price quoted is per lb

Suggested for beef and horse ranchers. High yielding, drought tolerant mixture.

TIP: add a splash of Red Clover to improve first year's hay yield.