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Supplier specialities

Suppliers can identify specialty services below (like custom mixes, certified seed preferences, seed analysis, native species and Peace grown seed).

  • We make custom mixes
  • We provide current seed analysis on request
  • We source Peace grown species

Description of services

This page is for testing the tool for function behind the scenes as we add new features. It is purely fictional.

Sammy Williams always liked being different. Even though he started work as an apprentice shoemaker, a good education enabled him to change careers and become a bookkeeper at a local seed cleaner and mixer. He stayed on and, 25 years later, now owns the company. 

This company is the one to watch over the next months and years to come.



New sales & Additional information

Seedy Sams is offering a special green seed mix for St. Patricks Day. Contact the Sammy for more information.

Our Species & Varieties Availability

To see our species & varieties availability, click on "Species/Varieties list" below.

Species/Varieties list

This list was last updated: Monday, January 19, 2015

Agronomic Grass
Species Variety Certified? Grade Grade details Peace grown? Non-bloat? Supply Price range Details Supplier link
Canada Bluegrass Sammys bluegrass Certified Peace grown Ask > $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Kentucky Bluegrass Common Sold out $2.50 to $4.00 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Meadow Bromegrass Fleet #2 Common Peace grown Sold out $2.50 to $4.00 /lb Seed at 15 lbs/ac Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Smooth Bromegrass Charlie's Certified #4 We ran it over with the grader twice Non-bloat In stock > $10 /lb Will trade for RV or recreational property by a lake Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Agronomic Legume
Species Variety Certified? Grade Grade details Peace grown? Non-bloat? Supply Price range Details Supplier link
Alfalfa Alfy Sold out Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Alfalfa Algonquin #2 Not quite as good Ask $4.0 to $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
White Clover Common #1 Ask $2.50 to $4.00 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Sainfoin Sandras Uncommon #1 Ask $4.0 to $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Birdsfoot Trefoil Talon #1 In stock $4.0 to $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Cicer Milkvetch Milky #1 In stock > $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Native Grass
Species Variety Certified? Grade Grade details Peace grown? Non-bloat? Supply Price range Details Supplier link
Fowl Bluegrass Common Ask $4.0 to $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Fringe Bromegrass Common Ask > $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Reed Canarygrass Talon Certified #1 Ask > $10 /lb Sams Seed Supply - TEST
Junegrass test after pre-pop Certified #1 fsFef Peace grown Non-bloat Sold out > $10 /lb EFefeFewfewf Sams Seed Supply - TEST

Our mixes

To see our mixes, click on "Mixes list" below. If you do not see a mix you like below, please contact us about custom mixes and use the Species Options Tool to explore your options!

Mixes list

Blend name Species or variants Composition details Grade Notes Price Price date
TEst Mix Tues 10 March
(Forage enhancement)




$12.00 Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Test as Sandra Mix 8 Dec
(Forage enhancement), (Invasive plant suppression), (Erosion control)
  • Birdsfoot Trefoil 50%
  • Alfalfa 50%
Grade 1

Great applications for out of region users. This is just a fictional test of this seeding web tool.


$1.23 Sunday, October 12, 2014
Agronomics Bunchgrass Mixture
(Invasive plant suppression), (Erosion control)

50% Tall Fescue

20% Hard Fescue

10% Fiesta 4 Perennial Ryegrass

5% Timothy

12% S.C. Red Clover

3% Alsike Clover

Grade 1
  1. Altitude: 0 - 2150 metres (7000 ft)
  2. Rainfall: 25.5+ cm (10 + inches)
  3. Seeding Rate: 60-100kg/ha (50 - 100 lbs /acre)
  4. Use where immediate soil protection is required and invasive species are not present, but where it is important that other species, particularly native move in over time.
  5. Optional: The perennial ryegrass can be replaced with fall rye.
$6.00 Thursday, November 27, 2014
South Peace Haymaker Blend
(Forage enhancement)
  1. 40% 3 way Multi-Blend Alfalfa Certified #1
  2. 30% Carleton Bromgrass Blend Certified #1
  3. 20% Orchard-grass
  4. 10% Climax Timothy or Alma Timothy Certified #1
Grade 3
  • Suitable for beef and horse ranchers.
  • High yielding drought tolerant seed mixture.
  • TIP: add a splash of Red Clover to improve 1st year yield!
  • Suggested seeding rate 12lb/acre
$7.00 Thursday, November 20, 2014