Ag Vision Seeds Ltd.


Janet Stoner
(780) 568-3961

Address, Phone & Website

Box 550
Carrot River, SK S0E 0L0
Company fax:
(306) 768-3337
Company Phone:
(306) 768-3336

Supplier specialities

Suppliers can identify specialty services below (like custom mixes, certified seed preferences, seed analysis, native species and Peace grown seed).

  • We make custom mixes
  • We provide current seed analysis on request
  • We source native species

Our Species & Varieties Availability

To see our species & varieties availability, click on "Species/Varieties list" below.

Species/Varieties list

No Varieties have been added yet. Click the link above to add a new Variety.

Our mixes

To see our mixes, click on "Mixes list" below. If you do not see a mix you like below, please contact us about custom mixes and use the Species Options Tool to explore your options!