Welcome to the Species Options Tool. There are 47 species in the Interactive Database, but not every species is suited to every location, objective or site condition. The Species Options Tool takes answers to Where, Why and What questions and returns a subset of possible species candidates.


Please read these Instructions. You can also review the Options filtering Logic.

  1. Form 1: Location - Where are you seeding? Choose a default location, or input a custom location.
  2. Form 2: Objectives - Why are you seeding? Select the key reason you are seeding.
  3. Form 3: Site Conditions - What site conditions apply? Click specific concerns.
  4. Review the Report; explore and sort the results
  5. Go back and change the forms
  6. Print the Report
  7. Select and send species to the Seed Mix Calculator

Why custom locations?

We have added GIS data to the Tool and if you input a specific location within the Peace Region, it will provide the following in the Report:

  • Whether your site is in ALR
  • Baseline information on soils and topography
  • An area (acres) calculation so that you can determine how much seed to buy (value can be used as input value in the Seed Mix Calculator)

Page 1. Location - Where are you seeding?

Choose a default location

If you are returning to this page and previously selected Peace River or Somewhere in BC you must select that option again if you wish to retain it.

Enter a custom location

Please select the format of data you would like to use to enter your location
  • Upload a Spatial File - to upload a shapefile or kml
  • Enter WKT - Enter WKT into the text area
  • Enter KML - Enter KML into the text area
  • Enter Latitude and Longitude - Enter Longitude and Latitude into the text field seperated by a space: loncoords latcoords
  • Enter a Geomark URL - Enter a Geomark url into the textfield
  • Enter a street address. The following format is reccomended, but almost anything valid will work: 123 Some Street, Cityname, BC V#X #X#
  • Draw on a Map - Draw features on the leaflet map.
    Note: The map may not load properly if it was not visible when loading the page. If the map does not load properly please try selecting Draw on a map as the Geodata source then refresh the page (click resend if asked). If problems still persist delete all cookies and try again.
* Relevant for point data only.

*** Clicking next without entering a location will assume the Peace River region.

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