We are using "and" logic with these forms. For example, if you checkmarked Persistence and Grazing season extension in the forms, only species that are positively indicated for both of these variables will show in Results.

Here is our logic:

Form 1. User-submitted Location

We use the spatial location of the seeding site to derive the following:

Form 2. Site factors


Soil characteristics

Plant characteristics

Suitability & Adaptation Ratings

L = Low

M = Moderate

H = High

Soil Texture Ratings

A = All Textures

C = Coarse textured

MC = Medium to Coarse textured

M = Medium textured

FM = Fine to Medium textured

F = Fine textured

Form 3. Seeding Objectives

If any of the following are checked, the species must have that objective in the species' Typical uses field. Note: If more than one objective is selected, then species must have ALL of the objectives the user selects.

Suitability & Adaptation Ratings

Forage enhancement – to improve forage quantity and quality for livestock and/or wildlife.

Invasive plant suppression – to suppress or prevent spread of invasive or weedy plants.

Erosion control – to encourage soil stabilization and prevent soil erosion.

Soil Improvement – to improve soil nutrient or physical properties.

Grazing season extension – to lengthen the use period or to extend the grazing season for livestock and/or wildlife.

Native plant community – to maintain or move toward the potential natural community (PNC) for a site.

Vegetation control – to influence or change plant succession on a site.

Sociocultural and/or aesthetic – to enhance or support cultural values or to meet aesthetic requirements.

Form 3b. Seeding Sub-objective: Hay/Pasture

If you selected forage enhancement, then we run an additional filter.