Quick Instructions

Follow these 10 steps to use the Calculator to explore seed mixtures. Read detailed instructions with images here.

  1. Choose seed species select one or more species from the list below. Then, click Submit.
  2. Enter an estimated seeding rate and area
  3. Choose mixture by weight or composition — Composition is by porportion of total seed count.
  4. Enter % values for each species
  5. Enter PS % or Germimation % [OPTIONAL] Adjust the calculation by entering Percent Live Seed (PLS) and/or Germination, which may be obtained from a Seed Analysis Certificate.
  6. Add a custom species [OPTIONAL] if, for example, a species or variant is not in the list
  7. Click "Calculate" - run the calculator!
  8. Review results
  9. Change your entries and re-caclulate [OPTIONAL] experiment as much as you want
  10. Print results [OPTIONAL]

Agronomic Grass

Agronomic Legume

Native Grass

Native Legume