Chapter 1 - Introduction

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Seeding of introduced and native plant species is a management practice that is typically applied to increase forage production and revegetate disturbed sites. Increasingly, seeding is being considered within a broader context of social, economic and ecological values (e.g., biodiversity and ecosystem integrity) especially when applied to Crown land. 
Seeding decisions made without adequate information or a thorough evaluation of costs and benefits often lead to seeding failure, with expected benefits not being realized and unexpected costs being incurred. The purpose of this manual is to help users make well-informed decisions about seeding rangeland in the province of British Columbia.
Chapter Table of Contents
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9 Chapter 1. Introduction
9 Background
10 Management Contexts
11 Rangeland Seeding Objectives
11 Potential Natural Community and . Plant Succession
12 The Three R’s: Rehabilitation, . Reclamation, and Restoration
13 The Seeding Decision
14 How to use the manual
14 Chapter 1 Notes