The Rangeland Seeding Manual for British Columbia is has descriptive summaries for 47 species common to BC, as well as valuable information to inform seeding decisions. This printed database is the basis for our digital database on FOR-SiD.

Download the Manual here

Citation: Dobb, A., S. Burton. 2013. Rangeland Seeding Manual for British Columbia, B.C. Min. Agri., Sust. Agri. Mgmt. Br., Abbotsford, BC.


Information presented in the manual is based on an extensive literature review, supplemented with information gathered from land managers and workers in the field. Every effort was made to present up-to-date information on seeding applications in British Columbia. There are, however, significant gaps in this type of research in the province and when applicable some information is adapted from research and experience in adjoining jurisdictions. There is generally less related information available for high elevation northern zones, and therefore the manual is focused predominantly on the lower elevation zones of the northern and southern interior regions.

The information contained in the manual should not be considered prescriptive. Any seeding decision should be informed by a situation and site analysis to help establish objectives and determine whether those objectives can be realized given site conditions. A goal of the manual is to provide a framework to assist users with this process, and to identify some of the factors that may affect decision making. Information in the manual should be supplemented by professional expertise and informed local knowledge whenever possible.

With a focus on rangeland forage production systems, the manual does not directly address seeding applications that are part of large-scale industrial (mining, for example) or roadside reclamation projects. Nor is it able to consider various restoration applications (i.e., wetland, riparian, and high-elevation rangeland and alpine area restoration) that may involve a variety of revegetation techniques. There are, however, sections of the manual that workers in those fields may find useful.